Henna tattoos provide you with a way to express your individuality and add to your beauty and style.
Go with a traditional or modern tatoos, it's your choice how you would like to express yourself.

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Henna / Mehndi has a very long history with centuries of migration and cultural interaction. Many different traditions began in multiple different cultures over the past 5000 years and it has now become part of our modern history as well. The beautiful designs of henna tattoos can be seen all around the world in many different shapes and sizes reflecting the culture and interests of each individual who chooses to decorate their body with henna tattooing.
Henna is also often used as a hair dye. Henna hair dye is completely natural and safe and is a great alternative hair dye to use while you are pregnant as it is made from vegetable dyes rather than chemical dyes and unlike many chemical hair dyes, henna does not contain bio-available lead acetate, which can be harmful to the fetus, particularly the nervous system and brain.

Along with it's beautiful and eye catching cosmetic uses, henna is also known for it's natural healing properties for health problems such as headaches, liver disorders, skin diseases and more.

Order your henna tatoo supplies today. Whether for business or for pleasure henna tatoos are a way of life.