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Henna Tattoo FAQs

What is Henna & Mehndi?

The henna plants leaves, when dried and crushed, are used to create the henna powder we use for henna tattooing. Tannins are the natural dyeing properties that are found in the henna plant and when mixed with a few other natural ingredients and applied it creates a temporary stain on the skin. The traditional Indian art of henna tattooing on the feet, hands and shins is actually called mehndi, essentially mehndi is a name for a style of henna tattooing.
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Where Are Henna Tattoos Applied?

Henna tattoos can be applied to almost any part of the body, it is traditionally placed on the hands, feet, and shins but is not limited to these areas. It is advisable to avoid applying henna to hairy areas as often times the henna won't absorb into the skin as well.
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What Henna Colors Are Available?

The natural color of henna when applied to the skin varies from dark brown to a deep orange but there are many henna based colors available such as black, blue, green, orange, purple, red, and violet.
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How Can I Make My Henna Tattoo Darker?

Leave the henna on as long as possible. Do not wash the tattooed area for at least 4-6 hours, you may even leave it on over night to achieve the maximum results. After sufficient time, gently pick or scrape the the henna off with the back of a butter knife or finger, DO NOT wash off unless you decide you want a lighter design or you left the paste on overnight. Be sure to check out the Henna Tips and Recipes page.
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How Long Does A Henna Tattoo Last?

Your natural henna tattoo will last between 1-6 weeks and your colored henna tattoo will last between 2-10 days depending on how it is applied and where it is applied. Areas of the skin that tend to be more oily will have shorter lasting results. For a longer lasting henna tattoo apply the henna to a relatively non-oily area of the skin and follow the Henna Tips and Recipes guidelines.
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Are Henna and Mehndi Tattoos Safe?

Natural henna products are completely safe to use, however as with any product natural or not some people may have sensitivities or allergic reactions. It is advisable to do a patch test by applying a small amount of henna on the area to be decorated and watch for a reaction over the next 24 hours, if one occurs avoid further use. Remember that henna products should not be used around the eyes, mouth, broken skin, or taken internally.
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How Long Do I Leave The Paste On?

How long you leave the henna paste on is entirely up to you. You will most likely base your decision on how dark you want the design to be and how long you want it to last. It is recommended that you leave the paste on for an absolute minimum of 2 hours, ideally you should leave the paste on closer to 6 hours or longer to achieve the best results. Remember the longer the better, you may even want to leave it on overnight.
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Why Is The Henna Tattoo So Popular?

The henna tattoo has been a prominent part of traditions in many cultures for centuries but have also become popular as a modern form of self expression. Popular musicians and movie stars have been seen wearing these beautiful mehndi designs which has undoubtedly added to it's popularity. In addition to this, the popularity of the permenant tattoo is constantly rising and henna tattoos offer a pain free non-permanent alternative to permanent tattooing.
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What Is The Difference Between Pre-Made Henna Paste And Making Your Own Paste?

The difference is really a matter of convenience. Pre-made henna paste is a much better choice if you are planning on selling your henna artist skills at a festival or something of that nature. The convenience of not having to mess with mixing and having all the necessary ingredients and the time is very helpful when you are not at home or when time is money. If you are not in a rush and are just wanting to do some henna tattooing for fun, making your own paste is not a problem. Be sure to check out the Henna Tattoo Tips and Recipes page.
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Is Henna Hair Dye Safe If You Are Pregnant?

Henna hair dye is a safe and natural way to change your hair color as opposed to the typical chemical hair dyes that so many people use. Henna hair dye is safe and gentle on your skin and hair making it a wonderful alternative to the very abusive chemical hair dyes you will use at a salon or buy from your local hair products retailer. Henna hair dye is completely natural and safe to use while you are pregnant as it is made from vegetable dyes rather than chemical dyes and unlike many chemical hair dyes henna does not contain bio-available lead acetate, which can be harmful to the fetus, particularly the nervous system and brain.
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